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Itsdownloader online is Instagram photos, videos and albums downloader. You can download and save your favourite Instagram videos and photos. We allow multi-photo and multi-video posts to download from Instagram. If you want to download album with multiple image/video file then don't worry, Just paste Instagram multiple photo/video URL above and get the list of media with a download link. Instasave works with any device (iOS, Android, Windows or OSX) in any browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, UC, DuckDuckGo, CM browser etc).

Do you know? Instagram is the most popular social network website in the world for sharing pictures and videos with the public on the internet. This social network is acquired by Facebook inc. You can easily become an Instagram celebrity by posting your creative imaginative photos. In these days, Many brand targeting Instagram celebrity for their product promotion. You should know that the sum of all Insta user uploads almost 100 million new messages (status, photo, videos etc) per day. Suppose you like some media of any celebrity and would like to download then how you will download from Instagram? In this case, you can use our Instagram downloader. It is the most popular among all downloaders like downloadgram, 10insta, insloader, saveinsta, w3toys & gramsave. So, why wait? Let's use instasave online & download multiple Instagram photos and videos at a time.

Instagram Downloader is an online tool to download Instagram videos, images and DP (Display Picture) in HD quality with just few clicks. There are 2 methods to Download.

1st Method: You can save Instagram videos, images & profile pic by just copying the post URL and pasting it in the above box.

2nd Method: You can also download any image or video by simply adding an alphabet "q" in the beginning of any Instagram post URL as shown in the screenshot below and hit enter. You will be redirected to the "". Now, just click on the Download button and save the video in your PC or Phone.

We have a very robust algorithm in place that fetches appropriate videos from Instagram's server which furthur can be downloaded very easily.

How instagram photo downloader works?

Instagram photo downloader also works the same way as Instagram video downloader.

How to save instagram videos on pc & phone?

To save Instagram videos on PC or mobile, you can simply insert a "q" in the begining of that particular Image or Video URL.

After that, you will be automatically redirected to where you can click on the download button to save the video in your pc or phone.

Even if your Instagram post contains more than one video, you can easily download all of those videos to your pc or phone.

How to save instagram photos on pc & phone?

Saving photos from instagram incorporates the same method. You have to follow the above procedures to use our instadown tool.

Can I download all instagram photos from any user?

As of now we only support public Instagram videos and photos downloading. But, we have plans to upgrade the tool to download private instagram videos and photos and in case you are a soundcloud lover, you can always use for downloading mp3.

We continuously upgrade our tool to add new features and fixing bugs as per users demand. For any type of request or query, kindly contact us.


How to save instagram profile picture?

Our tool allows you to save instagram profile picture in HD quality. For that you just have to enter the Instagram profile URL of the person whose profile picture, you want to download.

Moreover, we support both public & private Instagram DP downloads.

As always, you have to simply paste someone's Insagram profile URL in the form above and click on download.

Alternatively, you can simply add a "q" in the begining of that instagram profile URL.

How to post pictures & videos on instagram from pc?

As of now, we do not support posting images and videos on Instagram, since this requires Instagram permission to access your account.

Can I download private instagram videos or photos?

Oops, as of now we do not support downloading private Instagram videos. But, we will be definitely adding this feature to our arsenel very soon. As contents of private profiles can not be accessed publicly.

However, you can download the DP of the private instagram profiles in high quality with our Instadp tool.

How To download Instagram photos or videos?

itsdownloader online is the best Instagram video downloader to download Instagram videos and Instagram photo downloader to download Instagram photos. Follow step by step to download photo and video online from this Instagram downloader.


How to download photos from Instagram (in PC or Mobile)?

So, You want to know the process of downloading instagram images & pictures. Now, You don't have to be pannic because insta save online is here to solve your problem as downloadgram & w3toys do. We suggest you to follow us to save photos from Insta gram.


How to download videos from Instagram? (in any device)

What if you like someone's Insta video? There is not any option to download video in Instagram website or application. What to do now? Many people used to ask this question of how to save Instagram videos! Now, Answer is Instagram downloader. Online Instagram video downloader is the only way to download Instagram videos. It's free video downloader from Instagram. You don't have to pay for saveing videos offline in any device.


How to download IGTV videos from Instagram? (From browser)

If you really liked any IGTV videos and searching for IGTV downloader then you are at the right place to download any IGTV videos. You can also use IGTV downloader from your browser and enter IGTV video link. Please follow below steps to use instasave online to download IGTV.

Important Guide

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Free Online Video Downloader

Guide: How to download All Social Media Network 

Free video online?


I. Copy your favorite video URL
II. Paste to the input field on the top of the page and click the 'Download' button.
III. Choose the quality and format, then save downloaded video to your device

All Social Media Network Free Video Downloader

Our video downloader tool helps you to download videos from many video platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Vimeo, Mashable, and many more.) You are reading this means you have scrolled the page and surly you saw the input box at the top of the page where you have to enter video link address and hit on the download button. That’s it. You are ready to download your videos.

Save free online video downloader to download videos to backup or usage your media that was uploaded to video sites. With you may download videos from a selection of internet sites like Dailymotion, Facebook, along with Instagram and enjoy great qualities of videos.